A Fine Brew

Just kicking back tonight and enjoying a Long Hammer IPA from the Red Hook Brewery here in Portsmouth.  This is one of my go-to beers to pick up at the grocery store, and when we golf over at the Sagamore Golf Course, they have the tall cans available at the club house.  Mmmmmm….

Sunday Lunch at Throwback

Right near my home is an epic brew house and restaurant called the Throwback Brewery.  These guys have been operating for a number of years in a small commercial location, but last year they purchased a large farmhouse and converted it into their new home.

It’s an amazing place with not only an incredible array of beers, but excellent grub too.  The joint is always hoppin’, and the atmosphere is top notch – you can tell the place is chock full of people that love beer.

I met a friend there (he was a first timer), and he and I each had the same flight of brews:

  • Amber’s Amber – a rye amber pale ale
  • Hopstruck IPA – one my favorites from Throwback
  • Merry! Happy! Dreid-Ale – a seasonal ale made with cranberry and ginger
  • Soggy Donkey – a white wheat beer with hints of orange, hopped like an IPA.  Has a great backstory too – follow the link to read all about it.

All 4 were excellent, but I decided to follow up with an additional pint of Soggy Donkey.

Lunch was their fantastic Throwback burger and some cheese grits, after an appetizer of their great onion dip and homemade potato chips.

If you haven’t been there yet – get there as soon as possible for a great eating and drinking experience.




Dinner at Redhook

Last night I had dinner with a friend at the Redhook Brewery in Portsmouth, NH.  Dinner was very good, with a fine hummus appetizer, a bowl of chili and delicious chili chicken wraps.  My liquid selections, however, made the evening.

I had a Redhook Hookfest IPA with the appetizer, and while this is billed as a fairly high bitterness and alcohol content, it was smooth and delicious.

I would have had a second, but I was distracted by another temptress…a beer whose name I wish I could remember, which was another winner.  Ok, that’s just sad, I know…it just means I’ll have to go back and order it again and report back.

Fantastic night!


Starting out!

I’m no expert, but I love beer.  I’ve been drinking it for as long as I can remember, but for the past 2 years I’ve been brewing my own as well.

A buddy of mine from Florida has been brewing for dogs years, and after many discussions about process, I went for it.  Turns out brewing great beer isn’t nearly as difficult as one would expect, given beer’s general awesomeness.  Two years in, I’ve brewed over 20 5-gallon batches and made the leap from bottling to kegging without ever looking back.

I’m in my mid 40s, live in the seacoast New Hampshire area, and pass the time through the evil winters by flying south to golf…and brewing beer.  Oh, and there’s some drinking of said beer involved as well.

I’m looking forward to writing about my beer experiences on this blog, both brewing and drinking, as there are more and more excellent breweries and pubs showing up in my area.